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Boost your sales with Futugo

We can help you successfully reach your potential customers in any country and most importantly – to make your goods visible for the biggest luxury buyer in the world – China, which delivers more than half the global growth in luxury spending. Futugo created a modern solution that solves two major problems – demand for luxury goods in China and the disadvantages that physical boutiques would face if they decided to go online on their own.

All our partner boutiques have access to an unlimited base of luxury customers, provides China-orientated marketing, safe payments, free shipping, and packaging.

As a part of our services, we will take full care of delivery of the products directly from our Partners boutiques and shops, customer service assistance and payment processing without charge. After a purchase, all that our Partner boutique needs to do is to pack the order (packages are provided by us). Our couriers will pick the package and make sure that the item will anonymously reach the customer.

We can assure our Partners that their products will not be assimilated with any non-luxury brands. Futugo is orientated only toward high-end luxury brands and art pieces. We are creating a place where users can buy, explore, connect, and share fashion-related ideas. Our users are an exceptional community united by their love of luxury goods.

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Customer selects items from the e-shop
Futugo automatically calculates the price including the shipping fee
Customer places an order selecting from 7 different payment methods
Customers goods are sent from different boutiques within 48 hours.
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