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We are different – innovative – exclusive

With Futugo your clients get everything in one place. Luxury lifestyle, fashion brands, art and sculptures, luxury cosmetics, Livestream events, stylist assistance and service of personal shoppers.

We are creating an e-commerce platform, where customers will find the most popular luxury goods, niche brands and fine art. The solution creates both a marketplace for luxury goods and a high-end community. This online store is a new and different way to purchase luxury fashion and art due to its additional functions such as Livestream sales, personal stylists, art agent services and more. Also, a place to buy digital goods for the metaverse. Digital fashion and NFT art.

Luxury lovers understand the true value of art. That is why the platform provides the possibility to purchase art pieces and sculptures from the most-wanted brands and world-famous artists.

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Customer selects items from the e-shop
Futugo automatically calculates the price including the shipping fee
Customer places an order selecting from 7 different payment methods
Customers goods are sent from different boutiques within 48 hours.
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