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Loving art is art

Futugo offers an innovative solution for art lovers. Here, in Futugo, we have professional art agents who are ready to consult the clients about design and art. Our agents from all around the world are ready to assist via chat, video call or Livestream.

Each of our art agents has their own profiles with previous customers’ evaluation, location, experience, service price and portfolio information. Every user can select the most suitable agent and book a timeslot for a chat or video call.

By asking specific questions, our art agents can understand the customer’s personal style and wishes. Then, during a video call, agents’ can show art pieces, possible designs and suitable artists, or even be an online guide in physical art galleries. Book an available time slot and enjoy your time with an expert!

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How does it
Pick an available time slot for a chat or video call
Choose an art agent based on their profile information
Answer agents questions that determine your customer profile
Enjoy online visits to art galleries and buy art pieces!
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