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The brand is nothing without style

Futugo has a team that is always ready to advise on any fashion and style-related topic. Here in Futugo we have professional stylists from all around the world to fulfil all our customers’ needs.

The service allows our customers to call or chat with the stylist of their choice. During their meeting, users can ask for professional advice on their current wardrobe or create a new one by choosing carefully selected by our stylists items from our e-shop. To order this service, the customer will pay an hourly rate. The purchase takes place only after the payment is made through the platform.

Users can choose a stylist by their location, portfolio, availability, previous experience, language, and reviews. Each stylist has a customized profile that includes all this information and their previous work experience.

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Choose a personal stylist based on their profile information
Pick an available time slot for a chat or video call
Show your closet or ask to help with new purchases
Buy goods instantly to enjoy free stylist services!
to join Futugo and become a personal stylist please contact
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