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Shopping assistant

Accessibility is known as assistive technology

Futugo provides an assisting solution that helps our clients get rare and authentic items or buy from designers who sell their goods only in physical stores. Our carefully selected shoppers are located in all European fashion centres – Milan, Paris, London and Rome. Verified shoppers can assist our clients in buying directly from designer stores, participate in live shopping tours, purchase limited edition items and explore them through video chat.

Mandarin speaking shopping assistants in Europe are also available for Chinese customers, which will make the shopping experience even more pleasant. This service includes showing and buying goods in physical stores (including our partner boutiques and brand stores) in real-time!

To order this service clients have to fill in a request form and provide information about a particular item that they consider buying or indicate a physical store that they would like to visit. After the request form is sent, our system will automatically contact the customer within 24 hours with an available shopper to confirm the shopping date.

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Send a quote for a particular item or a physical store
Select an available time slot for a purchase or video call
Get a real-time shopping assistance
A client makes a transaction for the items via Futugo platform
to join Futugo and become a shopping assistant please contact
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