Behind fashion: the future of textiles.

Behind fashion: the future of textiles.

Our fashion expert and trend forecaster Marija Palaikyte just visited the exhibition of Italian and international yarn manufacturers Pitti Filati.

Three main themes you could experience were INTOTHEWILD, BASICINSTICT & VICTORVICTORIA.

INTOTHEWILD. An attempt to “always remain connected”. This theme speaks loud about how disconnected we are even though technology was created to connect us more. It takes us to feel as one with soul and spirit and be free.

According to M. Palaikyte, “Through this theme we see that the year 2023 will be alot about nature and wilderness. Fabrics dyed with natural coloring not only feels different but looks different too – washed out or faded. Also a lot of ripped fabrics, so we can expect more cutouts next year.”

VICTORVICTORIA. A theme of gender fluidity. A strong theme in fashion, art, and culture, as an impulse of economic and political change.

“Inspired by the Victorian era, we can see a lot of colours in men’s fashion. Even though its about gender fluidity, we can still see men’s fashion getting more femminine detail and a lot of free expression.”

BASICINSTINCT. “Degrowth. Decrease. Reduce. Reuse. These words are like a primal scream.” As the official Pitti Filati page writes – “Let’s take one step back, all the way back to five thousand years ago, to the stone age, in the hopes that this is enough to bring back the balance needed to save the planet.”

As M. Palaikyte states, “It is all about sustainability. How to use and reuse. How to create new ways of manufacturing with having in mind that we are the generation that needs to save the planet. Even though it is slow, we are going in the direction of reusing old materials, creating new ones, for example lab grown leather, fungi leather, how to cultivate cotton in a sustainable way, the transportation – EVERYTHING! Slowly we are turning to the primitive, but futuristic way of living. This is the future.”