Investors and companies have been realizing that the dimension of sustainability has entered business and investment processes as a component that will gradually play an increasingly important role in business governance, as taking actions is the only way to ensure that long-term sustainability goals are met.

The fashion industry represents an important part of the economy, having a value of more than 2.5 trillion USD and employing over 75 million people worldwide, according to the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion . Over the past few decades, this sector has witnessed spectacular growth. However, there has been increasing attention on the impressive range of negative environmental impacts the industry is responsible for.

Fashion production is responsible for human rights violations, gender inequality, an estimated 2% to 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, the drying up of water sources, and the pollution of rivers and streams, according to the above mentioned source. What more, each year, 85% of textiles are simply thrown away or, to protect brands, burned.

In today’s business environment, economic, environmental, social, and governance sustainability is paramount. At Futugo, when developing our sustainability strategy, we commit to ourselves, our investors, our customers, our employees, our partners, and our community. Our strategy is not to offer abstract statements but to identify specific goals that relate to our particular activities that have an impact on sustainability.

Our strategy is based on the UN SDGs, and we aim to identify how we can contribute to meeting these goals by linking our particular activities with the relevant SDGs. We have set out Futugo’s sustainability strategy and the goals we aim to achieve, and we describe which sustainability activity is linked to which UN SDGs. Embedding sustainability and contributing positively to the SDGs in our purpose and strategy is important—it drives attention, focus, and resources to what matters most and where the organization can have the most significant impact on important outcomes

Futugo’s sustainability strategy strongly reflects its commitment to sustainability. We want to emphasize that, from the very first step, we take this area seriously, that we intend to follow through on the activities stated in this document. Strategy is the first step. Later, its implementation reports will detail our achieved goals and process management.

For these activities to be coordinated and transparent, we commit to linking all our actions with the UN SDGs, a globally recognized system. Doing so helps keep everyone on the same page. Futugo’s sustainability strategy has thus been created by specifying which particular SDGs are being pursued with specific activities.