Hellana, All about versatility. Turning any wardrobe dilemma into a style masterpiece.

A London - based personal stylist, with over a decade of industry experience embarked on her career journey as a model before transitioning into the realm of personal styling. After earning her qualifications, she refined her expertise at Harrods, styling VIP clients for Everyday and Events. Today, she's committed to empowering women of all ages, guiding them to discover their personal style, curate their wardrobes, and exude confidence with bespoke Personal Styling Sessions- both in person and online'
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Gintarė, A virtuoso of style with an innate knack for fashion finesse.

Her work process starts with working closely with the client to understand their personal style, needs and lifestyle. This allows her to create clothing combinations that reflect the client's personality and meet them in any situation, from casual looks to special events. She's not only a fashion expert, but also a creative soul who is always looking for new ideas, colour combinations and accessories to make every client feel special and charming. Gintare's services are not just about styling clothes, it is a process of personal transformation and self-confidence that starts with the outward manifestation and spills over into the inner confidence.
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Christina, Stylist exuding subtle old-money classic vibes.

Meet Christina, your personal style whisperer whose approach to fashion is all about subtle sophistication. With a penchant for timeless elegance and classic charm. Whether it's pairing luxurious fabrics with understated accessories or adding a touch of vintage flair to modern ensembles, she's here to upgrade your style in the most elegant of ways.
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Sherry, Embracing the kaleidoscope of colors to create unforgettable looks.

With an innate sense of adventure and a keen eye for color, Sherry navigate the vibrant spectrum to create looks that are nothing short of show-stopping. Her attitude towards embracing color is matched only by impeccable taste. So, if you're ready to step out of your comfort zone and into a world of vibrant expression.
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Emilija, Say goodbye to fashion monotony and hello to your partner in style exploration.

With years of experience in the fashion and film industries, Kalis has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results. From creating custom costumes for award-winning videos to styling fashion editorials for top publications, Emilija’s work has been praised for its creativity, attention to detail, and ability to capture the essence of each project. Whether you’re looking for someone to bring your vision to life or take it in exciting new directions, Kalis is the one for the job. With a passion for collaboration and a commitment to excellence, they will stop at nothing to make your project a success.
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Egle, Stylist who blends class, minimalism, and a touch of subtle aggression to reveal your best features.

If you're looking to upgrade your style game to something that screams classy, whispers minimalistic, and occasionally throws in a hint of subtle aggression (because why not?), then you've stumbled upon the perfect stylist. Egle's not just about clothes. She's about uncovering the hidden gems within you. With her keen eye and knack for bringing out the best features of you.
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Oksana, A luminary in the realm of haute couture, renowned for their mastery of nude colors and unparalleled sense of refinement.

Oksana, a professional personal style consultant, from Ukraine, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. From a young age, she nurtured a deep passion for fashion. Throughout the years, Oksana carried this love for style, honing her fashion sensibilities. Oksana believes that every individual is a masterpiece of uniqueness, and her purpose is to empower you to project your personalitv to the world with an unparalleled sense of stvle. Her approach is tailored and systematic, meticulously curated to suit your distinct tastes and preferences.
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Simona, A rare talent for infusing the ordinary with extraordinary flair, unveiling the beauty in the overlooked and the charm in the understated.

Simona has cultivated a longstanding affinity for fashion, aesthetics, and style. With academic credentials from both Lithuanian and British institutions in fashion, stylization, and design. Collaborating with professional photographers and beauty industry experts has further honed her skills in image stylization for photo sessions. Her overarching objective is to craft a cohesive style for each client that aligns with contemporary trends while preserving their unique personality.
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Sergio Gánzin, An illustrious fashion stylist, with a discerning eye for luxury and a sophisticated approach, designed to cater to the most discerning clientele.

Sergio specializing in a range of services including personalized consultations, exclusive shopping experiences, meticulous wardrobe clear-outs, and exquisite photoshoot styling, Sergio ensures that each client's unique vision is brought to life with elegance and finesse. Sergio Gánzin's expertise and dedication make him the ultimate choice for those seeking unparalleled luxury and sophistication in their fashion journey.
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Julie, A designer and personal stylist based in Paris. Drawing from a variety of artistic and cultural influences.

Meet Julie, your go-to Parisian personal stylist, blending sophistication with an edge. Inspired by the creative energy of Berlin and her travels worldwide, her style is a diverse fusion of cultural influences. From chic Parisian vibes to avant-garde twists, Julia's got the expertise to elevate your wardrobe game to the next level. Say hello to effortless style and bid adieu to fashion faux pas!
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