Body neutrality: True diversity

Body neutrality: True diversity

Taken from the Futugo’s online conference (link below).

This ever-changing outlook on beauty is an evolution. From toxic view, to super positivity, to neutral way which is generally speaking —the healthiest. 

As Futugo's fashion expert stated, in her lifetime she already passed through 4 different epochs in a very little time understanding ideal body – first we had skinny as an ideal, then came Victoria’s Secret cult body type, then Kardashian’s influenced body type and now we are coming to a more of a neutral understanding that bodies are diverse. 

The difference between body positivity and body neutrality is that in a way positivity was quite toxic – saying beautiful, even though not healthy. Neutrality’s main point is to have a well-functioning body and inner acceptance of it. 

Neutrality might be possible in the future with the help of virtual reality. In a way we are creating #VR because we are changing the perspective of the relationship between inside and outside of every single one of us. So by constantly exploring, ever-changing dimensions we are able to experiment and even reach our wanted goals. 

Also, the fashion industry itself does not help with our perceptions – usually we are programmed to find and fit into our suited size, and if our body changes our wardrobe changes too. But at this moment you can find more and more brands that are more size-flexible, body neutral, gender neutral that does not play any kind of role in your relationship with the body perception and in that way is way more healthy for us.

One important thing to mention is – usually when talking about body neutrality, we see it mostly as a female problem. But it is necessary to say that the stigma of not being manly enough, sporty, tall, masculine also affects many men even since childhood. Body neutrality is about humans. 

Everybody has to find something to be happy about their body. And fashion is a tool that can help you elevate the parts you want to emphasize. 

Social media has a massive power and representation for this problem, so we truly believe the media can be in body neutrality’s favor. We are sharing a positive-neutral message of acceptance. 

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