Does pregnancy mean you have to skip #fashion?

Does pregnancy mean you have to skip #fashion?

No! We're witnessing major changes in the way society sees women during their pregnancy and they're also being reflected by the fashion system. Finally instead of fragility we see sacral empowerment and plenty of ways to celebrate it!

Not long ago it was thought that maternity fashion was a period of time to forget about womanhood, sensuality and style - even though it's the period of #femininity in the highest form! To dress down – that was the way until Rihanna changed the pregnancy fashion game.

Showing up dressed in daring #Balenciaga, #SaintLaurent, #MiuMiu and other luxury brands was alluring - always celebrating the baby belly.

Exploring her sensuality, personal taste, brave and even provocative looks was not only a fresh topic to the public, but also a major inspiration to all the women to change stereotypes around pregnancy style.  A new bold vision for all mothers-to-be.

But is it a game changer for the fashion industry as well? We think - yes!

Let’s look at all the other memorable and honorable pregnancy rockstars like are Adriana Lima, who followed the nude belly trend after Rihanna, “Queen B” #Beyonce with her goddess-like photoshoot and cosmic #NickiMinaj.

Do you agree that this ‘trend’ (if we can call that) is the next step for rethinking our values of a woman’s body, pregnancy stereotypes and fashion in general?