#footwear2022 #aw2022

#footwear2022 #aw2022

As summer is going to an end, even though we would love to talk more about sandy beaches, our wardrobes need to prepare for wet and cold temperatures. But cold temperatures does not mean that your items need to be only practical and boring.  

So let’s talk about footwear trends that will make your outfits shine because this season looks very promising for expressing one’s self. 

  • Angled heel

Tired of classic heeled footwear? Have no worries. A little change in the angle of the heel and your whole outfit looks fresh and ready to rock the streets. 

  • Sporty

One thing is for sure – after seeing so many sporty x chic collaborations we can all agree that comfort stays in our top priorities. Elevate your look with a funky colorful classic design or go for runner ones for “I didn’t even try” look. 

  • Artsy footwear

It is a must to have a pair of shoes that look like from another world. Of course it is not for your everyday look, but it can surely guarantee you the attention and praise of an extraordinary outfit. 

  • Buckles!

Details – it is all about the little things that give your look a whole new perspective. Buckles on heels, buckles on chunky platforms, boots, doesn’t matter – match with a belt to elevate the outfit. 

  • Platforms

The platforms were for sure the runway trend of the season offering us a vertical lift and eye-catching silhouette.

  • Everything shiny 

We have a winner for this year of trends and it is – “make it shine” transcending through all the niches of clothing and accessories. Either a metallic look or sparkles, this is for sure a key-item in your wardrobe. 

  • ”Pantaboots”

A statement of this season, trouser-boot hybrid is a piece that not everybody can wear. But the idea is to create an illusion of pantaboots with mini skirts or dresses. 

Looks promising, doesn’t it? We can’t wait for the autumn season street looks.