Let’s end the week of glancing over the trends of #aw2022 with accessories

Let’s end the week of glancing over the trends of #aw2022 with accessories

They are one of the most important details that can elevate your outfit or even dress down. It is the road to express your own personal style by matching what is trendy and what works for you.

It can also be a great way to be more sustainable by creating your capsule wardrobe – accessories can change everything about the way you look – it is a smart way to dress. 

So what are must-haves of this cold season that we can expect to see a lot?

Shiny bags

Once again we see the color/material trend influencing another niche of clothing and we are more than happy. A great way to accentuate your look with cross-bodied bags painted in silver and gold, or perhaps you could go for a more bold colors and sequined party bags. 

Choker necklaces

We must separate the old trend of stretchy tattoo-like choker trend from what is trending now. A pearl choker can be styled with multiple other necklaces which enhances your decollete. 

Big tote bags

“The bigger, the better”. Now we see either maximalism or minimalism. And that is exactly how everybody is made happy – if you need to carry a lot – it is not a problem. Now you can find colorful, stylish bags and not worry about how little you can carry. 

Chain belts

Inherently retro, but back with power. More and more people wore belly chains this summer to dress up their beach outfit, but expect to see chains on dresses, shirts too. 

Crossover bags

These bags became trendy quite a while ago, but it changes its details and we all know why it stays – it is all about comfort now, isn't it? So why not be comfy and stylish?


Thank you Alexander McQueen for bringing back studs. For a moody strong look, studs and beads accentuating your look could really fit well with shoes with buckles for a more gothic look which surfaced again.

Artsy bags

Just as with shoes, it is a must have of one alien-like accessory to capture the looks. It is fun and functional.