Luxury bags as an investment. Would you pay a million for a purse?

Luxury bags as an investment. Would you pay a million for a purse?

Since Covid-19 disrupted the whole world’s luxury brand’s supply chain, there was a rise of the luxury item’s resale market. 

With such brands as Hermes, which always had high resale prices, and others like Chanel and Louis Vuitton, which now are considered to be one of the most valuable ones with a long lasting trust and iconic pieces, the resale can be profitable. 

Chanel and Louis Vuitton are not yet exactly profitable, but it is possible after years of use to resell it for about 80% of the original value on the secondary market, while a well-used Hermes Birkin 35 (which was originally owned by Jane Birkin herself!) resold it for almost eight times the original estimate. 

And even though reselling these brands are not yet beneficial, with the rise of the whole luxury resale market from 26% to 55% depending on the brand, it is possible to predict profits in the near future. 

With this in mind, it is still a good and quite a smart idea to invest in limited edition pieces by brands that are either growing and gaining more and more respect by the society, or to prioritize luxury classic styles which feel more safe to obtain since they feel culturally relevant. 

And it is not only about making profit – the resale market unconsciously is making the clientele take more care of their items which ultimately benefits the idea of sustainability. 

One of the best investments would be in these Top 6 most expensive purses of 2022: 

1.Debbie Wingham’s Upcycled Egg Bag: $6.7 million

2.Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse – $3.8 Million

3.Hermes Kelly Rose Gold – $2 Million

4.Hermes Birkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka – $1.4 Million

  1. Hermes Chaine’d Ancre Bag – $1.4 Million
  2. Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch – $400,000

Imagine the worth of of these bags in near future – it will be worth even more considering how well-preserved it is