People are used to seeing perfume as something excitingly individual like second skin, as if our choice in the perfume is instinctive. But the case is different – even in this subtle industry fashion trends do exist and they are connected to the ever-changing worldly winds. 

Our fashion expert and trend forecaster Marija Palaikyte visited the recent Pitti Fragranze and we are obliged to share some insights. 

The first most important topic was, of course, like Pitti Uomo and Pitti Filati – sustainability. It is all about sustainable packaging, sustainable bottle but also how some brands are changing their values and the start of the production. 

Another visible topic – our urbanistic point of view and its consequences. Coming back to the bond with nature – “green perfume” – mostly about fresh, earthy, raw scent that reminds you about the colour green. 

The perfume world  will keep cherishing the traditional, cultural aspects – strong east, Arabic scents which do not lose their attractiveness and are not bound with time. Usually this kind of perfume luxury is quite literal – a lot is invested even in the bottles.

On the other hand, there is a search for simplicity, veracity, conscious consumption, so we can notice many brands purposely selecting a very minimalistic look to attract most attention to the idea – like a work of art that you can not touch.

As Palaikyte states, “being a Lithuanian, I am so proud to see the only registered perfume brand FUMparFUM by Aistis Mickevičius who’s able to participate for a second year now representing our country’s perfume history with applause.”

One of the most interesting parts of this exposition – an installation for perfume art. Perfume bottles without any labels invited people to write their difficulties and then to smash the bottle to a wall – symbolically to let go of what is bringing you down. 

Palaikytė feels the need to sum up a few very important matters – perfume does not have gender. The people and the industry are in search of individuality, consciousness, cultural identity expression – a very broad world for us to explore and nurture.