PITTI UOMO. The future of fashion and a take of what is happening now.

PITTI UOMO. The future of fashion and a take of what is happening now.

Our fashion expert and trend forecaster  Marija Palaikytė has been participating in the annual Pitti Uomo men’s fashion week for 10 years now in the capital of Renaissance – Florence. 

“First things first, I feel really inspired and I see a glimpse of a bright future ahead of us.” 

One of the brightest themes of this Pitti Uomo was, of course, sustainability. 

“If before the pandemic we thought about sustainability as a far dream-like future, it showed us that we have to reconsider our values – the connection with nature, nature as a safe place.  Covid-19’s restrictions pushed not only digital trends, but also sustainable trends.“ 

According to M. Palaikytė, “brands are reconsidering the logistics, less usage of unnecessary plastic. Looking at Pitti Uomo, most of the brands are presenting more sustainable ways of fashion, new fabrics that don’t affect the ecology so much. Also coffee snack bars are offering recycled can water, recycled plates, forks. Our routine is changing, the world is changing and fashion is changing with us. To see the little things, like your recycled coffee mug, it gives you inspiration that you are a part of the big chain towards more sustainable life.” 

“Also there is a quite big movement against leather – we can see lab grown leather, or material from cactus – this one especially is sustainable, because we don’t even need much water for a cactus to grow! Switching to these materials, we are starting to use nature to save nature! We are moving forward, because 65% of people over 18 years old are willing to use sustainable garments. If the customer wants sustainable materials, the brands will make them. It’s just how it works.” 

Visiting Pitti Uomo showed that the fashion world is not talking only about the new collections and trends. It is one of the most responsible industries that needs to reconstruct the way it works, but step by step it is working.