Summer. Is. Coming! #mensfashiontrends2022

Summer. Is. Coming! #mensfashiontrends2022

The mood is definitely getting better and better, we daydream about the summer breeze messing with our hair, scorching sun and another cold coffee. 

And isn't it hard to be a fashionista during the hot season? Well, let us help you. These are the main SS22 trends that will make you look amazing even if you don't try. 

It is, truly, in it's enlightenment period, as we see expressive colours and, of course, creativity emerge! 

  • Cardigans

Yes, they are back. When it is a little too hot for a jacket, but a little too cold to wear nothing, cardigan is this season's savior - styled with relaxed pants, with an oversized shirt or even nothing (). Can be classy, can be casual. 

  • Sleeveless sleeves

It is not the first season they're pop, but seeing brands like Marni, Issey Miyaki, Prada, Rick Owens and Burberry giving us bicep fan service just hits the spot. 

  • BOLD colours

We were all bored from greyish, navy, dark colours. And apparently, we were not the only ones - designers warmly opened up for sunshine and rainbows! Moschino, Fendi, Hermes encouraged us to make it extra - dress how you want, tutti frutti themed 

Get ready for another great season. Sandals out, shades on - enjoy summer style!