Techno-primitivism – an era we hope will come faster

Techno-primitivism – an era we hope will come faster

Technology is one of the ways to realize the philosophy of sustainability. Right now it is the breaking point of humanity which is changing our fundamental values. 

Drawing materials from nature through a primitive perspective with the help of technology enables us to be conscious about the impact we make on earth. It is the ultimate try to be sustainable. 

Our fashion expert Marija Palaikyte throughout years of research gathered information of what kind of materials will be the future of the fashion production and feels the need to introduce some maybe already a few times mentioned, some new technologies that needs to be known by everyone. 

“Pinatex” – it is possible to create a fabric similar to soft leather from sturdy pineapple leaf fibre. One of the memorable mentions how this material was used – in 2019 H & M released an exclusive collection, that was widely viewed as a marketing trick since the mega company itself is not sustainable at all, but it also  was a great kick-start to introduce the majority of people to this idea of possible sustainability. 

“Mylo” –  leather-like material created from fungus – super organism that people are yet to discover fully. “Mylo” can be considered as a high-quality alternative, already used by designers like Stella McCartney or Adidas releasing they cult “Stan Smith” sneakers in 2021. 

“Qmonos” –  Japanese biotech company “ Spiber Inc.“ introduced this low-impact to nature synthetic spider silk. In 2019 “The North Face” presented “Moon Parka“, which contained this material. 

“S.Cafe” – this technology reuses coffee grounds to strengthen the yarn to change some characteristics – the coffee grounds absorb odors and reflect UV rays. 

“Tencell” lyocell – more widely used, even in fast fashion, eucalyptus wood or the cellulose is a semi-natural fibre that requires little water or pesticides to grow. “Tencel” is only working with sustainable forests.

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“Primaloft® Black Eco” – alternative for feathers and down – brand “Musto” collaborating with “Land Rover” created a line “Above and Beyond“ which had this technology that keeps mobile phone’s battery longer and more warm that feathers and down. 

“Bananatex” – this technology was used by Filipino people even in 1500s, the plant is self-sufficient, requires no pesticides, fertilizer or extra water. These qualities have allowed it to contribute to reforestation in areas once eroded due to monocultural palm plantations, whilst enhancing biodiversity and the economic prosperity of its farmers.

“Desserto” – cactus leather. Rain water sufficient, leaves are cut down only two times a year – reduced use, sustainable use. 

“Vegea” – Italian technology which uses grape skin and branches that were thrown away after it’s use for wine for vegan leather production. 

“Algalife” – threads and dye. Extracted from seaweed and mixed with other natural ingredients, this german company produces sustainable alternatives which need only sun and water without extra waste. 

Were there some new technologies that you never heard of? That is exactly why we are sending this message – the change has already started, biotech companies are trying to create fibre alternatives which will continue to make the idea of sustainability a new reality. It is not unusual to see these materials even at fast fashion places – this is a good start.

Adding to this, we feel the need to remind of our past experiences – our fashion expert Marija Palaikyte visited Pitti Filati in which the idea of techno-primitivism was also introduced.