Women designers in digital and physical fashion

Women designers in digital and physical fashion

Every week’s online conference could not happen without our guest speakers. But have you ever wondered who is behind the microphone and what is their story?

We dedicated this Twitter space for amazing people so that they could tell their stories about successful journeys of our community. Most of the speakers had a windy road to where they are now, so it is a great opportunity to inspire people to start or even restart their dreams. 

@Michelle_NYC3 (twitter profile) mentioned something very interesting – “fashion is so hard to break into it, unless you are born into it and have the right connections, so sometimes it is crucial to be brave and fake your way into it.” – apparently, one way to do it is going to shows or conventions and just pretend to know what you are here ‘till you actually do.

Sounds crazy, right? However, it is not a secret, as @KALAU_URL (twitter profile) said “difficulty sometimes leads to innovation” – that is exactly why we want to push people to do what they want, especially when now is the time when everything is so accessible. 

It is a long journey to become who you want to become, and there are many great minds who are capable of doing exceptional things – our mission is to encourage the community. 

Thank you once again for motivating.

Listen to full Twitter space here: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1kvJpmNjPmDxE