Futugo App introduces a sustainable luxury shopping method through the use of digital passes. This system enhances the performance of second-hand markets and eliminates potential human errors in the verification process of luxury items.

With Futugo, buyers can acquire 100% authentic items from luxury fashion brands and fine art. Alongside their purchase, buyers receive a digital pass certificate for each item. This approach bolsters the second-life market by employing digital passes to verify the authenticity and traceability of items.

All our products are registered on blockchain, providing a sustainable means to enhance the traceability of luxury items.

Here's how to obtain a digital pass:

Step 1: Make your first purchase.
Step 2: Wait 14 days before requesting the digital pass.
Step 3: After 14 days, log in to your account and complete the "Get my digital pass" form to receive your ERC code via email.