Protection & Intellectual Property

At Futugo, we are committed to respecting intellectual property rights and protecting the creative works of individuals and entities. This policy outlines our approach to intellectual property and the actions we take to ensure a secure and respectful marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

1. Intellectual Property Rights:

a. Trademark and Branding:

   - Futugo respects the trademarks and branding of all entities. Sellers are responsible for ensuring that their listings do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others.

b. Copyright:

   - We respect the copyright of creative works, including images, product descriptions, and other content on our platform. Sellers are expected to have the right to use and sell the items they list.

2. Reporting Intellectual Property Violations:

a. Infringement Claims:

   - If you believe that your intellectual property rights are being violated on Futugo, please contact us promptly with a detailed infringement claim. Provide relevant information, such as the intellectual property involved, the specific violation, and your contact details.

b. Counterfeit Claims:

   - We take counterfeiting seriously. If you suspect a listing on Futugo involves counterfeit goods, please report it immediately. We will investigate such claims diligently.

3. Futugo's Actions on Violations:

a. Investigation:

   - Upon receiving an infringement claim, Futugo will conduct a thorough investigation to assess the validity of the claim.

b. Removal of Listings:

   - If a violation is confirmed, we will take appropriate action, including the removal of listings that infringe on intellectual property rights.

c. Seller Accountability:

   - Sellers found violating intellectual property rights may face consequences, including suspension or termination of their Futugo account.

4. Seller Responsibilities:

a. Verification:

   - Sellers are responsible for ensuring that their listings comply with all applicable intellectual property laws. This includes verifying the authenticity of items listed for sale.

b. Accuracy:

   - Sellers must accurately represent the items they are selling and provide truthful information in their listings.

5. Counterfeit Goods:

a. Strict Prohibition:

   - Futugo strictly prohibits the sale of counterfeit goods. Sellers engaging in such activities will face immediate account suspension and potential legal action.

6. Repeat Infringers:

a. Policy Enforcement:

   - Futugo employs a policy to address repeat infringement by sellers. Repeated violations may result in account suspension or termination.

7. Future Enhancements:

a. Continuous Improvement:

   - Futugo is committed to continuous improvement in our efforts to protect intellectual property. We will enhance our policies and procedures to address emerging challenges in this area.