Modern slavery statement

At Futugo, our commitment to ethical conduct and corporate responsibility aligns with our core values, emphasizing transparency, responsibility, and social consciousness. While we are yet to launch, we anticipate these values will be fundamental in shaping our operations and supply chain practices.

Our Approach:

a. Values and Mission:

   - Futugo's core values will guide our decisions, emphasizing care for others, diversity, and success for all. Our mission is to be the global platform for good in luxury fashion, connecting creators, curators, and consumers.

b. Anticipated Sustainability Goals:

   - Futugo is developing ambitious sustainability goals for the future, focusing on being 'Climate Positive,' selling 'Conscious' products, embracing circular practices, and championing diversity and inclusion.

Futugo Marketplace:

a. Anticipated Collaborative Partnerships:

   - As we prepare for launch, Futugo anticipates forming collaborative partnerships with luxury boutiques globally. We are committed to engaging in a collaborative approach to identify and address risks related to modern slavery.

b. Future Collaboration with Rating Platforms:

   - Futugo plans to explore partnerships with sustainability rating platforms to evaluate and highlight brands committed to ethical practices on our Marketplace.

Business Operations and Procurement:

a. Anticipated Supplier Assessments:

   - Futugo plans to engage with third-party assessment tools to assess supplier strengths and opportunities across ESG areas as part of our commitment to ethical business practices.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation:

a. Anticipated Speak Up Culture:

   - Futugo is committed to fostering a 'Speak Up' culture, providing multiple channels for employees and external stakeholders to report concerns or violations anonymously, once operational.


Futugo anticipates launching with a dedication to combating modern slavery and human trafficking. This statement reflects our commitment to transparency, ethical conduct, and the continuous improvement of our practices.