Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Futugo! These Terms and Conditions govern your use of our platform, https://shop.futugoapp.com/, its sub-domains, and any other websites operated by or on behalf of Futugo, as well as any mobile or desktop applications developed by us or on our behalf (collectively referred to as the "Platform" or "Platforms") and the suite of services we provide (the "Services").

Kindly read these Terms and Conditions thoroughly and ensure your understanding before engaging with our Services. By using our Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree, kindly refrain from using the Services, and exit the Platform immediately. Continuing to use the Platform or making product orders will be considered acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

1. Understanding these Terms and Conditions:

When certain words and phrases are employed in these Terms and Conditions, they are designated as 'defined terms' with specific meanings. You can identify these terms as they commence with capital letters. Definitions are provided in the respective sections where these terms are introduced. Headings have been included to aid comprehension.

References to "Futugo," "we," "us," or "our" denote Futugo or, where applicable, its affiliates. When we mention "you" or "your," we mean the individual utilizing the Services.

Print or save a copy of these Terms and Conditions, as we will not archive copies of the contracts between us and you or between you and our Partners. Note that we may amend these Terms and Conditions, so check the Platform regularly to stay informed of any updates.

2. About Us:

Our Services, accessible through the website, allow you to explore and purchase products from a variety of Partner boutiques and brands worldwide. It's crucial to comprehend that the contract for product purchases is established between you and the specific Partner. While we act as an agent on behalf of Partners, facilitating the transaction, you are not directly purchasing products from us.

All products from Partner boutiques will be first sent to Futugo, and Futugo will facilitate the subsequent delivery to the end buyer.

3. Our Services:

Our Services include enabling you to search and purchase products through the Platform, with additional features like product delivery arrangement and customer service assistance. The entity managing these services depends on your location. It's reiterated that the contract for product purchase is directly between you and the relevant Partner. We provide delivery logistics services, and your contract with us concludes upon product delivery.

To use the Services, you must be over 18 years of age.

4. Our Liability to You:

We are liable for loss or damage resulting from our breach of these Terms and Conditions or negligence in providing Services. However, we are not accountable for unforeseeable loss or damage. Our liability is not excluded or limited for death or personal injury due to negligence, fraud, or other instances where limitation is impermissible by law.

5. The Products:

Product descriptions aim for accuracy, but we cannot guarantee absolute precision due to information provided by Partners. We don't allow flawed or substandard products on the Platform. If a product doesn't meet your expectations, you can return it, and we'll coordinate with the Partner to process the return.

Legal rights regarding faulty or misrepresented products are upheld. Products are intended for personal use, and commercial or business use is prohibited. Neither we nor Partners are liable for business-related losses.

The purchase contract is directly between you and the Partner. We receive payment on behalf of the Partner and transfer funds once the products are delivered.

6. Ordering Products:

To order products, you must be over 18 years old with a valid payment method. By placing an order, you affirm the accuracy of provided details and authorization to use the payment method. Review your order at each step, ensuring accuracy.

Upon order placement, you'll receive a confirmation email, and the purchase contract is established between you and the Partner. Please note that order acceptance and product pricing are determined by the Partner.

7. Delivery:

All products will be initially sent to Futugo before being delivered to you. We provide delivery logistics services, and delivery charges are outlined during checkout. Legal title to the products passes to you upon delivery. Please ensure the delivery details are accurate to facilitate a smooth process.

8. Returns and Refunds:

Returns are facilitated for product discrepancies. You are responsible for return costs. Refunds are processed after confirmation of the returned product by the Partner. We coordinate with Partners to address any issues and strive for a seamless return process.

9. Website Use:

a. Access to the Platform is granted for personal, non-commercial purposes.

b. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw the Platform and limit access.

c. Electronic communication occurs during Platform use.

10. User Conduct:

Users must not disrupt Platform function or engage in unlawful or fraudulent activities. Breach of conduct may result in legal action and indemnification for losses.

11. Our Liability Regarding the Platform:

While we aim to maintain accurate content, we do not guarantee completeness or error absence. Liability exclusions include business losses, interruptions, or opportunities.

12. Privacy Policy:

Your data usage adheres to Futugo's Privacy Policy. You consent to data use and warrant provided data accuracy.

13. Intellectual Property, Software, and Content:

Futugo owns or licenses intellectual property rights for the Platform and its content. Users must not exploit or reproduce Platform content for commercial purposes without prior consent.

14. Ethical Sourcing Policy:

Partners are expected to adhere to ethical practices concerning employee rights and safety. Products sourced from countries violating ethical standards are prohibited. Fur products and items made from endangered species are excluded.

15. Final Sale:

'Final Sale' items are non-returnable at Futugo's discretion.

16. Other Important Information:

a. Futugo reserves the right to close accounts or restrict orders at its discretion.

b. Severability: Each section remains valid if others are deemed unlawful or unenforceable.

c. Waiver: Waiver of a breach requires written confirmation.

d. Entire Agreement: These Terms and Conditions replace earlier agreements.

e. Events Outside of Control: Futugo and Partners are not liable for events beyond their control.

17. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

Switzerland law governs orders, Platform use, and these Terms and Conditions.

18. Ranking Parameters:

Product ranking considers newness, availability, revenue, pricing, and user behavior. Customer preferences and filters influence results, ensuring an optimized browsing experience.

By using the Futugo Platform, you affirm understanding and agreement with these comprehensive Terms and Conditions. Futugo reserves the right to update Terms and Conditions, notifying users of significant changes. For queries or complaints, refer to the Contact Us page.