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Product description
Material: Oil on canvas
Size: 180 × 180 cm

Sarunas Baltrukonis (b. 1998) is a young generation painter, whose canvases combine the spaces of reality and digitality, but both are abstracted, when only certain fragments of them are recognizable – wedges of reality or virtuality, often characterized by urban and/or cybernetic aesthetics.

The artis perceives technology and the naturalness of reality as equal spheres of creative influence. Sharp, strict lines of the structures visible in the paintings, clear contrast, screeniness of the images, clean colors – these are the pictorial tools with which Baltrukonis conveys the intimacy of the digital image.

The illusion of the overlapping of two-dimensional and three-dimensional images is evident in the artist’s work, which also presupposes the specific question of the forms belonging to the spaces of reality and virtuality, as an epistemological question of the shifting knowledge about the structures that “ontologically” belong to these spaces. In other words, the motifs in Baltrukonis’ canvases seem to lose their ontological “realism” or “digitality” and enter into a qualitatively new relationship that can be understood through reciprocity.

It is the play of two-dimensional and three-dimensional planes here that represents the chiaroscuro of classical painting, deforming the unity of the elements belonging to the picture in relation to space and time. Baltrukonis experiments by deforming the canvas itself, cutting off part of the frame or choosing non-standard exposure angles, which allows the digital image to expand beyond the two-dimensional space of the picture, imitating its being stuck in a virtual matrix.

Sarunas Baltrukonis completed his bachelor’s studies in painting at the Kaunas Faculty of the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2021.
The artist participated in exhibitions such as Drifts at Drifts gallery, Vilnius; Texture Pack at KKKC, Klaipeda; Other energy, curated by Andrius Zakarauskas at Energy and Technology Museum, Vilnius; Counter-Argument V, curated by Vita Opolskyte-Brazdziuniene and Kazimieras Brazdziunas at Meno Parkas Gallery, Kaunas, etc.

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